Commit e33f230b authored by Tobias Stein's avatar Tobias Stein
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Fix typo in package name "haveged"

parent da07e4f8
......@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ package_set:
standard: [
apt-file, apt-transport-https, aptitude, bash-completion, ca-certificates, curl,
dmidecode, dosfstools, git, htop, havaged, iftop, info, iotop, jq, libcrack2,
dmidecode, dosfstools, git, htop, haveged, iftop, info, iotop, jq, libcrack2,
locales, lsb-release, lsof, man-db, mc, mlocate, openssl, parted, pigz, psmisc,
pv, pwgen, python3-apt, rsync, screen, sqlite3, ssl-cert, strace, sudo,
sysstat, tmux, vim, wget, zsh ]
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